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As Tat Gıda, we aim to produce the highest quality, the most delicious and the most natural products to our consumers since the day we were established. It is very important for us that the products we produce with care and labor are natural, healthy and delicious. We individually consume every product that we offer to our consumers safely in our own table.

We aim to contribute to the growth of healthy generations by offering healthy and delicious products to our consumers. With the Tat brand, we develop innovative products and new categories to make the consumer happy.

We aim to add value to the lives of our customers and to respond to their expectations with quality and stability. In addition to providing our products with confidence, we also take the task of being next to our customers after the sales. As Tat Gıda, we take customer requests and suggestions from all channels (call center, e-mail,,,, fax, letter, social media) for all of our brands and provide necessary feedback to our customers by sharing with relevant units within the company.

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Tat Gıda focuses on sustainable & profitable growth mission with innovative products through all strategies. Tat Gıda with its wide range of products, aims at maintaining its activities with social and environmental responsibility while developing natural, healthy, reliable and innovative products and expect from their suppliers to work with the same consciousness and support the efforts in this way.

Tat Gıda, which gives importance to customer and supplier satisfaction with its high product quality, continues to educate and support farmers for the purpose of uninterrupted contractual farming since the day it was established. Tat has started the organized tomato cultivation with the support of the farmers and the fertilizer support, the expert agriculture team of Tat's engineers and technicians. Tat has been contributing to the development of tomato agriculture since its establishment.



Tat, which has pioneered the emergence of the export-oriented agricultural industry in our country, has been proud of serving consumers for fifty years.

One of the most important principles of Tat is combining health and taste in its products; to make production in accordance with quality and hygiene standards. In Tat’s factories, production is carried out in accordance with Turkish Food Codex and Turkish standards. In export process, specifications of foreign companies are taken into consideration. Tat's quality and credibility has been proven by international documents.

Tat Gıda and its employees support “For My Country” project

“For My Country” project is a Koç Holding social responsibility initiative that was launched in 2006 to encourage the spread of individual entrepreneurship as part of the concept of responsible citizenship. The Project strives to create a participatory attitude that encourages Koç Holding companies, employees, dealers and suppliers to become involved in solving social problems. Tat Gıda employees support the ’For My Country” Project, whose theme changes every two years. The theme of the project for 2015-2017 was “Social Gender Equality”. In this context, the aim of the project is to raise public awareness of the causes and consequences of gender inequality and to be a role model by developing a more equitable approach in business culture and social life with a holistic approach.



Tat supports Turkish farmers
In addition to pioneering the development of industrial tomatoes in Turkey and creating job opportunities for Turkish farmers, Tat is Turkey's largest and Europe's 3. largest producer of tomato products.

Achieving another first in its industry with the “Pioneers of Tomato,” project, which focuses on farmer development as well as communication and digitalization of tomato farming and agriculture, Tat continued to develop the project in years. Using digital technologies, Tat created a follow-up and recording system to establish a relationship between field data and product performance. Tat pioneers the sector by implementing applications that produce solutions to increase communication with farmers and support farmers' development. With the mobile applications developed within the scope of the project, it provides digital solutions in areas such as following up the fields, giving online training to farmers, monitoring plant development, giving online consultancy to farmers.