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Our Common Values

As Tat, our purpose is to add value to Life by adopting all the common values of Koç Group.

The customer is king.
It is our first priority to create value for our customers, to respond to their expectations with quality and stability. It is our duty to stand behind our products and to be there for our customers after sale as well.

It is our indispensable goal to be "the best" at all times. It is our main goal to be the best in quality, service, our sources of supply and our relationship with our vendors as well as the investment options offered to the shareholders and to preserve this image that we have before the public. It is our basic principle to undertake management in areas of activity aimed at such goal and to be the leader in the market.

Our most important capital is our human resource. The quality of our products and services starts with the quality of our employees. Attracting to and employing in our group the best staff and mature labor force, benefiting from talents, power and creativity from our people to a maximum extent; to enhance their productivity, enabling them to develop and creating a work atmosphere fostering cooperation and solidarity have constituted the path we have chosen to ensure that Koç Group lasts for generations.

Our purpose is to create resources for constant development. Our main principles are to make the necessary investments; to provide the shareholders with the profit, which the capital deserves, in order to encourage small savings meet with larger savings; and to create resources from activities and to prevent wastefulness by ensuring reasonable use of all resources in order to assist to the social and economic development of our employees and the community with a view to ensuring the permanence of the service.

It is our rule to observe utmost business ethics and principles of operating with integrity. It is our principle to act with good faith and understanding in order to ensure fairness and mutual benefit in all our relationships, and to observe the laws and the rules of ethics. It is another essential principle of ours to fulfill our responsibility to the present day community and future generations, a principle that we have led and that we cannot give up. For Turkey and for the world, it is our duty to act with the consciousness of environmental protection and to spread such consciousness.

We aim to contribute to the strength of the Turkish economy, from whom we draw on our strength.
Vehbi Koç