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Working for Tat

Tat family, active with over 2000 employees depending on the season at 5 different locations, offers a pleasurable, exciting and development oriented work atmosphere.

Tat constantly takes a step towards the better by regularly revising the system and procedures. While advancing in this parallel, the idea of each employee is important and a suggestion system is operated to assess these ideas. Our purpose is to ensure contribution of all our employees through their suggestions and to build the future of Tat through their ideas.

Different rewarding systems are employed in our company for noticing the achievements of our employees, appreciating them on time, rewarding them and sharing their happiness. Each year, we determine the projects and works implemented with the highest success and we share the success. We determine the creative practices in our company, works ensuring customer's happiness, which make a difference and contribute value to the community, and we participate in the En Başarılı Koçlular (The Most Successful Koç People) reward process under Koç Group. With our reward system covering all our employees, we aim to appreciate the achievements based on common values and competences, to enhance in-house solidarity and to reveal and constantly improve the best practices. Moreover, we realize “Service Year Awards Ceremony” every year for our employees, who have served our company for long years.

We transform our company's goals into goals of our employees every year in order to implement their strategies. Within this scope, we use the performance management system based on balanced targets methodology in our company. The main constituent of the performance system, on the other hand, is mutual communication. The executives and employees meet by certain intervals throughout the year for target setting, evaluation, monitoring and development planning meetings. By this system, we aim to strengthen the atmosphere of mutual communication and to ensure that all employees progress towards the company goals.

By Koç Group's work assessment system, the responsibilities for each white collar position are measured and are listed according to their contribution to company goals and level of responsibility. Work levels are determined for all these positions; the remuneration and side benefits offered are arranged within this framework.

With the practice of “Koç Retired and Provide Fund Foundation” offered to all our employees, our employees are ensured additional social security and support. While providing long-term savings, they can also benefit from different services of the Foundation by ensuring financing support periodically. Tat employees are also included in the KoçAilem (MyKoçFamily) program as a member of the Koç Group family. KoçAilem Program offers special advantages to our employees ensured through products and services of Koç Group companies and also extra advantages through periodical campaigns to be arranged.

Different activities are performed at different locations in our work atmosphere in order to support constant communication. Tataktif (Tatactive) team created within the company for this purpose on a volunteering basis organizes different and enjoyable social activities each month. Another practice of ours, which our employees enjoy immensely and watch with great interest every year, is Koç Sports Festival. Within the scope of this festival, teams are set under different sports categories at each location of ours and they participate in competitions. Tat employees also act as a vanguard for many activities as well in order to contribute value to the community and they actively participate in “Ülkem İçin” (“For My Country”) projects implemented by Koç Group on a volunteering basis.


Remuneration and Benefits


1. Remuneration

The main purpose of our remuneration system is to determine the total income of our employees according to competitive, fair and institutional policies determined by the current wage market.


In our Tat Gıda Company:

  • Wage policies of office workers are determined based on the HAY Job Evaluation System which takes the content and size of the work as basis. In addition, the Company pays special attention to the implementation of a remuneration system that motivates the employee by distinguishing and rewarding the performance. Again, the results are evaluated and reviewed once a year in line with the performance results, wage researches, economic indicators, the company's ability to pay and the internal balance of the company. The Company reviews the wage and side benefit strategies, taking into account the various survey research results every year.
  • The wages and salary increases of the field employees are determined and implemented in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Labor Agreement signed between the Company and Tekgıda-Labour Union.


Our employees are provided with following benefits;

  • A total of 16 salaries per year which is composed of 12 salaries and 4 salary bonuses
  • Tripartite Social Assistance Package (leave allowance for annual leave, holiday allowance on religious holidays, fuel allowance once a year),
  • Premium for employees in certain levels, positions and jobs,


2. Side Benefits

The side benefits of our Company to its employees consist of two groups which are “side benefits provided to all employees“ and “side benefits provided as part of the task".

Furthermore, in addition to these side benefits, "Flextra" side benefit application, which allows our employees to shape benefits in accordance with their individual needs, is also offered. Our employees can also select alternatives such as life insurance, shopping vouchers, check-up and private pension insurance from the wide range of options included in the flexible benefits application within the budget offered to them.


Side Benefits Provided to All Employees

  • Membership of Koç Holding Pension and Aid Foundation,
  • Private Health Insurance (covering itself and family members),
  • Complementary Health Insurance,
  • Trainings to support the professional and personal development of employees,
  • Awards for superior performance shown, dedication, contribution and creativity,
  • Ramadan Supply Package,
  • Koç Ailem Program (Koç Group employees are provided with special advantages provided by Koç Group Companies' products and services, plus extra advantages through periodical campaigns),
  • Incident Dependent Social Aids (Birth, Death, Marriage, Military, Learning Assistance, Child Support etc.)
  • Lunch facilities (meal card- SetCard provision at areas without any meal service)
  • Advance provision where necessary (health, death, education, etc.)
  • Workplace health service,
  • Counseling support services for dieticians, psychologists, sports teachers etc. (periodically in some locations),
  • Personnel Transportation Shuttle (road allowance for areas not covered by the shuttle route),


Side Benefits Provided to All Employees Pursuant to The Task/Level/Position

  • Vehicle allocation,
  • Fuel Support,
  • Mobile phone and / or GSM line allocation,
  • Check - Up
  • Personal Accident Insurance


Industrial Relations

Within the framework of industrial relations policy, we respect the right of organization and unionization of our employees.

Our company strives to maintain the peace, harmony and a peaceful working environment at the workplace by acting in accordance with the requirements of all relevant legislation and Collective Bargaining Agreement within the framework of the trust it creates between the employees and the union.


Occupational Health and Safety

We comply with national and international legal regulations and legislations on Occupational Health and Safety issues, and strive to create a healthy and safe working environment based on continuous development.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

  • Determining and analyzing the health and safety risks that may occur in the working environment, taking necessary measures, minimizing risks,
  • Providing the necessary training opportunities for the establishment, development and continuity of Occupational Health and Safety awareness in all employees,
  • Increasing efficiency by taking necessary measures in line with zero occupational accident and occupational disease targets,