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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the shareholders of Tat Gıda?

Click for Detailed Shareholding Structure.

2. In which stock exchange are Tat Gıda stocks traded and what is the stock symbol?

BIST (1993), symbol TATGD

3. How many shares represent the paid up capital of Tat Gıda?

Paid up capital of Tat Gıda is TRY 136.000.000, divided into 13.600.000.000 registered shares, each with a nominal value of 1 Kurus.

4. What are the standards, according to which financial results of Tat Gıda are prepared?

Consolidated financial results of Tat Gıda are prepared in TRY in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards pursuant to requirements of CMB.

5. What is the dividend distribution policy of Tat Gıda?

Our Company distributes dividends to the shareholders within the framework of the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, Capital Market Regulations, Tax Regulations and other relevant regulations and the article of the Articles of Association of our Company regarding the dividend distribution. Within such practice, a balanced and coherent policy is implemented between the interests of the shareholders and those of the Company in accordance with the Corporate Governance Principles.

Within the framework of article 19 of our Articles of Association, General Assembly is entitled to decide a distribution of dividends to members of the board of directors, officers, employees and workers, foundations established for various purposes and persons and organizations of similar nature from the amount remaining after the primary legal reserve of 5% reserved from the pretax profit, financial liabilities and the first dividend, which is reserved according to the Capital Market Legislation by a resolution regarding dividends. Within this scope, after deducting 5% of the paid up capital from the amount assessed for the first dividend, 5% of the remaining amount is paid to the founder beneficial right holders within the framework of the Capital Market Regulations.

As a principle, minimum 20% of the distributable dividend calculated based on the communiqués of the Capital Market Board shall be distributed in cash and/or as bonus shares calculated according to the communiqués of the Capital Market Board as long as the applicable regulations and financial means allow and with due consideration of the long-term strategies, investment and financing policies and profitability and cash status of our company and as long as it can be covered by the sources found in our legal records.

It is aimed to distribute dividend within not later than one month following General Assembly, and General Assembly decides the dividend payment date. General Assembly or the Board of Directors, if authorized, may decide for distribution of the dividend in installments in accordance with the Capital Market Regulations.

According to the Articles of Association of the Company, the Board of Directors may make advance payments for dividend, provided that authorization by the General Assembly shall be sought and Capital Market Regulations shall be observed.

6. Has Tat Gıda distributed dividend in recent year?

Tat Gıda's historical dividend payments can be found under section: Investor Relations/Stock Information/Dividend Payment

7. Can you provide information on Central Registry Agency (MKK)?

According to article 13 of the Capital Market Code numbered 6362, the rights pertaining to registered capital market tools are monitored by MKK. The records are kept by the members of such organization in an electronic environment created by MKK. Such Agency is subject to supervision and inspection of the Board. Principles relating to establishment, activity, operation and supervision of the Central Registry Agency are determined by regulations to be issued by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Registered capital market tools are monitored in the accounts, which are opened in a registered form regardless of whether the tools themselves are registered or bearer tools.

Our company has also become a member of the Central Registry Agency. You can obtain more information on the Central Registry Agency on the website at

8. How often does Tat Gıda disclose its financial results?

Tat Gıda discloses its financial results quarterly.

9. How can I contact with Tat Gıda’s authorized staff for investor relations?

You can contact our investment relations team at